Whatever your particular pleasure, the Klamath River Lodge offers rich surroundings and modern amenities in a magnificent setting.  Due to wild life that visit the property, such as bear deer, raccoons, fox, and bobcats, dogs can sense them during the night and can create disturbances to our guests even if kept inside the rooms or in vehicles. So, we do not allow dogs with guests on the property .  We do not allow exceptions to this rule.  

The retired CEO who built the lodge was looking for good steelhead fishing and especially good FLY fishing.  He spent 30 some years enjoying some of the best steelhead fishing in the world, right here at the Klamath River Lodge.

The present owner purchased the Klamath River Lodge in 1964 and in addition to enjoying the fishing and rural ambiance they try to maintain the grounds, structures and related facilities in relation to its historical significance. 


Guests come to the Lodge from all over the world, there are some that have been returning every year for over 25 years.  The quiet summer resort keeps our clients coming back.  The comfortable, secluded, housekeeping cabins accommodate up to 5 people.  The lodge apartment accommodates up to 8 people. A swimming pool and cabana with large lawn area provide a place to relax.  Rafting and drift boat fishing trips can be arranged. 

The fly fishing waters, made famous the book "Steelhead to a Fly", by Clark Van Fleet adjoin the property. If you are a "catch and release" angler who wants to mount the fish, but doesn't want to use the fish for taxidermy.  You can release it for another angler to enjoy and still have a trophy for your Den, just contact Second Nature Taxidermy for a quality fiberglass reproduction fish cast. This small to medium size wilderness river sports a great run of fish from October thru March that will leave you wanting more and more. For information about Northern California. California Camping Review Comprehensive directory of campgrounds (camps, rv parks) in California, USA with direct contact info, photos and descriptions.

The caretakers and hosts invite you to joint them at a, "truly unique and beautiful" vacation retreat.  You can do as much as you want or as little as you wish. We are confident you will enjoy your stay by the Klamath River! 

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